The Emergency Bridal Kit is basically an emergency bag that the bride keeps near her. She can either carry it or have one of her attendants carry it. It will be there for her throughout the day. The kit will ease your worries about what to do in case of mishaps.

Here is a list that outlines the essentials of an emergency bridal kit. It also explains how they can be used in an emergency.

Treatments for Headache and Nausea
Many how to pick best Maybelline for your skin are very anxious on their wedding day. Unwanted headaches, upset stomachs, or nausea can all result. These ailments can be alleviated by having an emergency kit that includes headache and nausea remedies, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, and chewable anti-inflammatory tablets.

For those feeling faint or extremely lightheaded, you can use smell salts.

These are some of the unpleasant onsets that can occur when you’re nervous.

Makeup and other touchup items
A small, compacted set of translucent powder and lip gloss should be included in an emergency bridal kit. This will allow you to touch up your makeup after sweating or for moistening dry lips.

Use a small amount of clear nail polish to fix those pesky snags on stockings or pantyhose. Clear nail polish can be used to reapply any rhinestones and other embellishments left on dresses.

For any touch-ups throughout the day, you will need a small comb, a small mirror, and small travel size hair spray and deodorant. Extra bobby pins are great for hair emergencies or tightening a loosening veil.

You can also buy a travel-size sewing kit.
You can keep corsages in place with a travel-sized sewing kit that includes extra straight pins. It will also help you to repair a bouquet that is loosened.

If someone spills something, a small travel-sized stain remover stick will be helpful.

An emergency kit for your bridal party is a must on the most important day of your life. This will prevent any mishaps from becoming a catastrophe and potentially ruining your day.

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