Soft & Beautiful Skin – What Does and Doesn’t Work to Keep Young Beautiful Natural Skin Glowing
Are you exhausted of trying to restore your gorgeous and soft skin back? It’s true that the natural, beautiful skin that you enjoyed in your early days is gone. Then… you’re looking to know how to restore it. What ingredients aren’t effective in skincare products? And what ones are most effective in keeping your skin looking smooth and gorgeous?

We all wish to go back in time. The time when your skin was smooth, soft and glowing have passed. The complexion has become dull, and wrinkles and signs of aging begin to show.

We’ve heard that products for the skin that contain collagen as well as CoQ10 are the best to have a youthful looking skin. Therefore, the search starts.

Two common ingredients that are found in products that fail to perform:

1. Collagen

The body produces lesser collagen (and elastin) proteins as we get older. These proteins are responsible for keeping the skin moisturized, healthy and youthful looking. If you’re aware, then you’ve probably used the creams for your face that claim “collagen in the form of collagen” inside the bottles.

Yes, we require more collagen, but the collagen ingredient isn’t working. Collagen cannot penetrate the skin regardless of the amount of lotion you put on. The collagen isn’t able to penetrate or increase the levels of collagen due to the fact that collagen proteins are too large to pass through the pores of your skin.

2. CoQ10

Creams for skin that contain antioxidants are great for your skin health. The first line of defense antioxidants are able to fight is fighting cell-damaging free radicals.

Free radicals are produced both internally and externally. The body creates free radicals by undergoing the normal chemical reactions that are necessary in addition to externally from environmental pollution and UV radiation, toxins, smoking, stress and other factors.

An ongoing intake of antioxidants are essential to our longevity, health and beautiful, soft skin. It’s logical to shield our cells from free radicals, which is why we search for the well-known CoQ10 ingredient. However, why can’t the standard CoQ10 ingredient work? Because only a only a few products for skin are equipped with enough strength of active CoQ10 that is able to be absorbed by the skin.

But, there are powerful ingredients that will keep soft and gorgeous skin shining. The secret lies in natural, effective ingredients.

Ingredients that work:

Here’s what you should look for in a facial cream. Natural ingredients that have been tested clinically and has been proved to aid your body boost its collagen (and elastin) production. It also helps in the formation in new cells for the skin. It also improves the elasticity of skin and increases moisture. The most effective natural ingredient is CYNERGY TK from a tiny specialist skin care firm located in New Zealand.

Since we’re getting older the quantity of CoQ10 decreases… which means that our cells have less antioxidant and energy production. We require the energy as well as powerful antioxidants as CoQ10 for beautiful and natural skin, another ingredient that is the best in supplying CoQ10 is NANO-LIPOBELLE H-EQ10.

Nano-Lipobelle HQ10 will combat the effects of toxins, pollutants and UV rays since it’s a “nano-emulsion” type of CoQ10. It breaks down the CoQ10 particle to a tiny size, which allows CoQ10 to penetrate seven layers deep to nourish skin with antioxidants, combat free radicals that harm cells, and defend against harmful UV radiations.

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