Do you notice your hair’s color changing in the days following your first hair color? It’s not alone…most hair colors fade around 20% after the first wash. Check out the following “reminders” to help keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy throughout the month.

Shampoo First:

One of the best methods to keep the what color should I dye my hair for a long time is to wash as well as dry the hair prior to you color it at home or at a salon service. You might be wondering… ” but I just can’t rinse the color it will dry my hair out.” Remember that the primary reason you shampoo is to clean and eliminate the product from your hair. The product for hair color which is applied to hair won’t cause your hair smell dirty, so it doesn’t matter if you wash to clean it. The hair can be thoroughly washed and conditioned , and the color will keep the color value and last longer , which is the ultimate goal.

Turn Down the Heat:

When shampooing, make sure you use tepid rather than hot water. In the majority of cases it’s unnecessary to wash your hair your hair twice unless you’re washing your hair in preparation for using the product that requires the first shampoo. Make sure you use professional shampoo and treatment line to maintain the moisture that will make the new hair shade last longer. These products are available in the salon or the beauty supplies.

Hair Spray:

If you have to apply hair spray, make sure to spray from a distance (about 10-inches). The hair spray coats the shaft and then suffocates it, leaving it dry and dull. Many women spray their hair so close that the hair appears as a cake crusts when it dry. The chemical dry out the hair to the extent that it removes the hair’s color molecules from the shaft of hair. It also coats the hair with so much that the pigments cannot penetrate into the hair shaft. This can result in an uneven distribution of color within the shaft of hair. If you are using this in conjunction alongside other alcohol-based high-volume products for hair styling, use only sparingly. Make sure you wash every day with caution water, even if you do not shampoo. This can help remove the build-up that happens daily.

Hot Appliances:

My heart is often broken when I watch women use hot tools to straighten or curl their hair. When hot smoke rises out of the hair as they’re being dried and I am forced to intervene and request the heating to be turned down. These tiny appliances can cause more harm to colored hair than other tools that is used to alter the color of hair. If hair breaks off or is damaged along the length of the hair, one could know that your flat iron or hair dryer was overheated. The stylist may be more focused on the result of the style rather than the lasting color of hair which is why you should remind the stylist. Simply tell them, “Please don’t use such a hot iron on my freshly color treated hair.”


The hair color begins to fade over time. After washing, it will appear as fading all over the hair, however, it will show more at the ends. When your hair’s in bad condition, it’ll shed the color pigments more quickly than hair well-maintained. While there isn’t anything permanent about the hair’s shade, the color is more durable when you make your appointments at least a month apart. If you delay the overall shade is dull and flat because of oxidation of the color. You can apply every conditioner you want but it will not restore the shine or the health-looking appearance that fresh hair color can. Conditioners aid in retaining moisture in hair so that the color stays in hue for longer.

In Between:

This is a simple method for keeping your hair gorgeous throughout the month. Colorants that are semi-permanent will allow the color of your hair keep its color longer other colorant in between. The colorants are available in the same colors that your permanent hair color will. The semi-permanent colorant can only last for 6-8 shampoos. They will deposit color pigments into the hair shaft with no coating. They are able to be used every week for as long as you desire. It is also possible to make use of color shampoos, which can occasionally coat hair, but I would suggest not using them prior to the time of your next color treatment. Both of these products will assist to enhance the color of your hair. They can be used to brighten or match the color of your red, blonde, or brunette locks. They can be applied to natural hair or colored hair once or twice every month. Salons everywhere offer the standard color treatment, that will cost around half the price of the permanent color treatment. You can also purchase the products to take at home from the salon, or purchase them at a beauty supply.

Dead Ends:

It is also essential to maintain that “dead end” cut or at the very least cut, so that the ends don’t to appear so aged. The entire strand will be dead after it has grown out of the scalp, so by the time it reaches 4-8 inches, they’re typically drier then the shaft of mid-hair, and require trimming off. It is common to see women who have flat colors at the ends of their hair due to the fact that often the hair hasn’t been properly prepared to be able to handle the formula used to color. It is therefore the first thing to go out of the shampoo. It can be fixed by using the colorant above, Semi-Permanent.

Last word:

Hair color is a process that requires effort. If you are looking for stunning hair color, you need to commit to. Make sure you keep your appointments for hair and go to the salon, or do them in your home. You’ll be happy you did it and be able to see a significant difference in the hair’s color.

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