It is the Bosu Ball which stands both sides used is an inexperienced fitness industry. It is an versatile and is suitable for all fitness regimen from cardio exercises to advanced athletic training. Bosu is a great fitness ball. Bosu is the perfect fitness equipment for your home fitness center.

If you’re looking to shed that extra weight, increase your balance, or strengthen your core muscles, This fitness ball can be the best device to accomplish these objectives. Here are a few best bosu balls workout routines that will help you get your ball rolling.

The level of difficulty of these fitness routines is moderate Therefore, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with Balance trainer before doing these Bosu workout routines.

Bosu power jump
Place the best bosu balls on its dome facing upwards, place the balance training device on the floor, and stand couple of feet behind, in an athletic posture. Then leap high into the air, landing by putting both of your feet onto the ball. Balance your body completely before getting away from the ball. It’s one time and you should repeat it at minimum eight times.

Bosu pushup
Set the Bosu with the platform facing upwards, and anchor the dome on the floor. Then, you hold onto the balance trainer by placing your legs in front of you while keep your body straight. Put your hands on the two edges of the Bosu ball balance trainer between three and nine o’clock. Be sure to be in the push-up position. Then, lower your chest onto the side that is flat on the trainer, and return to your starting position. One repetition is enough and you should repeat it at minimum eight times.

Bosu smash
The exercise is similar to an Bosu pushup, but without getting yourself firmly off your balance training. While doing the smash, you need to position your Bosu in a position with its top facing downwards and its platform facing your body. Put your legs behind you and keep your body straight. Set your hands on the opposite side of the Bosu ball balance trainer between the nine and three o’clock position. Lower your body onto the side that is flat of the trainer and immediately push yourself off of the floor , then bring the balance trainer back closer to your chest. The ball should absorb the force as you fall. Return immediately to your original position. One repetition is enough, repeat the process at minimum eight times.

Sporadic Bosu lunges
Set your Bosu balance trainer on the floor with its dome facing down the floor. After that, stand behind the ball with your feet shoulder width apart. Do forward-facing lunges with one leg and place your feet on top of the Bosu ball. You have ensure that you bent your knee. You must be able to balance yourself, then return to your starting point. It’s one repetition Repeat at minimum eight times.

Bosu sprawl
Hold the ball in a position with the dome facing down and then place your body in an athletic posture. Quickly kick your leg behind you, then lower yourself to the floor and spread your feet out then relax and let the Bosu ball absorb the shock. Repeat the exercise quickly and then return to your original position. It’s one repetition and you should repeat it at minimum eight times.

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