Hello everyone! Hello! My name’s Denise and in this piece I’m going to share the lesser-known secrets, often referred to as ‘Easter eggs from GTA 5 Money Generator San Andreas. Let’s begin with them. The first is about the constellation.

When playing the game playing on a console, or PC check out the sky and you’ll see a constellation of stars that resemble the Rockstar Games logo. If you look closely at the ambulances of San Andreas then you will notice that ‘Lance’ is written on the ambulances instead of ‘Ambulance’. It could be a allusion the Lance Vance of Vice City game.

Let’s look at some additional secrets, too. A lot of people claim to have seen Big Foot while playing story missions. But, there’s no confirmation from the official source. My friends have told me, they’ve seen Big Foot near Country Side zone in the course. Be on the lookout for this beast in the woods.

Does there exist a Leather Face character in San Andreas? It’s not true. There isn’t a skin face on the field. Some websites acknowledge this, but other websites do not. Personally, I am not convinced of the that there exists anyone with a Leather facial character. The absence of any Leather face character is among the less well-known secrets of gamer’s world.

If you finish Valet Parking missions then you could purchase your own Van Hoff hotel which is close to the point of departure. The hotel is able to earn cash without having to play any mission.

If you’ve ever been a player in San Andreas then you know that car repair costs a huge amount of costs. The secret lies in the fact that it is possible to fix your vehicle without spending a dime. In order to do this, place your vehicle in an enclosed garage, and then walk out of the garage. After a few minutes, you can unlock your garage, and the car is in great condition. It has been repaired and not wasted your money.

There may have been trains within GTA San Andreas. But you’re unaware of the best way to go on the train. If you’d like to experience the train ride make sure you complete all freight missions. If you are able to complete the mission successfully, then you can earn $50,000 too.

Another aspect of the game is that it is about endless ammunition. The game grants you infinite ammunition when you have completed the game to 100 percent. Furthermore you also get an army tank that is capable of taking out other vehicles.

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